Dinner Plates

Flax, Mexican Hat, Bristle Grass
Chocolate Flower, Scorpion weed
Scarlet Penstemon, Yerba Manza
Globe Mallow, Trumpet Gilia
Spring Primrose, Storksbill or Filaree

Each Plate is approximately 10 ” in diameter and 3/4 to 1″ tall.  The background glaze varies from kiln firing to kiln firing.  What you see is basically what I strive for in the glaze.  Sometimes it is a bit browner but still nice.  The plates can go in the dishwasher with no problem.  They are sturdy plates and can take everyday use.

Each flower design is standard,  However if you are ordering a set of four plates you can choose to have four of the same design or one of each of a design of your choice.

The flower designs are carved on stamps and then impressed into the clay so there is a slight texture to the surface of the plate.

If you have any questions please call and we can discuss your order.  Thank you!