Price List

Dinner Plates   10.5″ dia.                     $48.00

Salad Plates       7.5″ dia.                       $30.00

Tumblers                                                    $42.00

Mug(blue)                                                   $32.00

Mug(white)                                                 $25.00

Bowls(soup)                                                $34.00

The price list is for items that do not vary in size or color.  The serving bowls, mixing bowls, items in the gallery and other wares are examples of my work and vary in size, colors, and flower designs.  Please e-mail me if you have interest or questions about the other items on these pages.

The items are priced as each.  If 4 or more of the same item is purchased there is a price difference.  Contact me for further information.  Thank you.